Posted by: Babyblues | December 22, 2017

The Broken Warrior

December 22, 2017

We awoke today hopeful that a visit to the gynecologist would mean news of a positive pregnancy test. Unfortunately, our dreams were shortly quashed and shattered. Despite our best efforts, there is no pregnancy.

I am numb, devastated, and broken. After six fertility treatment in six years, I remain childless. In the wake of another failed attempt, my body and mind are beaten up mentally and physically. I am a broken #ivfwarrior. 

When I started blogging our experience last year, the response was powerful. We gained an amazing support unit, and in the process shed light on a very personal battle. Through my posts, I was able to educate the uninformed about the realities of infertility and assisted reproductive technologies.

I do not regret my decision to share the ups and downs, but simply ask a favor. We know that there are other paths to parenthood, but right now we need time to process, grieve and regroup from our latest setback.

We hope you understand, and do not perceive our request as rude or the antithesis of our transparent infertility journey. At this moment we need love; not second guessing or unsolicited opinions on how to proceed.

Happy Holidays!!


Burke & Jeff



  1. Just sending love. All the love.

  2. Love and strength. So much strength.

  3. Wishing you strength and love

  4. Wishing you strength and healing. I hope that you are comforted by the knowledge that you were a warrior in this process and did everything possible to date.

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