Posted by: Babyblues | December 7, 2017

Gracias a Nuestra Eggceptional Donor

December 7, 2017

Today is the day our cycle moves from the body to the labs of IVF Spain 🇪🇸. The hope is that after the egg retrieval process and insemination, there with be three viable embryos.

Over the course of several blogs, I have written about the discomfort I experienced during the process, but failed to acknowledge the egg donor’s plight. Some may argue that it is a job because she is receiving monetary compensation. We do share this opinion.

As someone who endured three prior IVF cycles, I can attest to the emotional roller coaster, and havoc it plays on your life. The schedules and restrictions can be overwhelming. There is not enough money on the planet to compensate an egg donor for her sacrifice. For weeks,the nameless donor endured her own hormone induced torture. Her protocol required daily injections to increase her egg count. It is not uncommon for women during the IVF process to gain weight, and experience bloating and cramping. In addition, hormone injections puts the donor at risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. The donor’s sacrifice is truly “egg”ceptional. The diagram below provides an excellent description for the day’s events for Jeff and the donor. My morning entails an additional ultrasound and blood work.

Stay posted for updates on the embryos growth.


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