Baby Blues

The Point of No Return


November 27, 2017

Although I did not start taking medication for the real cycle until November 18th, November 15th was the “Point of No Return,” as we were required to pay eighty-percent towards the price of the Egg Donor IVF package. Once payment was processed, there was no turning back.

Three days later, reality kicked in when I started taking 8 milligrams of estrogen to prepare for the the “real” embryo transfer cycle in December. At the same time in Spain, our donor started the ovarian hyper stimulation phase, where she uses hormones to produce multiple mature eggs during her menstrual cycle.

On, November 28th, I will once again undergo a trans-vaginal ultrasound to check the thickness of my uterine lining. If the lining is not thick enough, my doctor will increase my daily estrogen intake to increase my chances for successful embryo implantation.

Since the start of the mock cycle, Jeff’s protocol has consisted of ingesting vitamins C and E on a daily basis.  On November 29th, Jeff will start taking Voltaren for a week. Voltaren is a prescription anti-inflammatory drug used off label to help liquefy and increase sperm count on collection day in the hopes of producing the best possible embryos.

Unlike our cycle last year, we do not have definite dates for the procedure. Instead we have a treatment window of December 5th to the 14th. Thirty-six hours before the beginning of our window, we will be told the egg retrieval and transfer dates.

On the day of the egg collection two processes occur:  Jeff’s sperm is collected, and the donor is put under anesthesia to extract her eggs. From that point science takes over to grow embryos in a lab for the next five days.

The hope is to have two viable embryos for transfer at the end of the five day waiting period. In addition, I will add progesterone to my protocol to further assist with embryo implantation.

Stay posted for more details about the science that occurs post egg retrieval.