Baby Blues

I am Speechless


October 16, 2017

In my eyes, this blog is a success if it brings awareness and helps others struggling with infertility. Last week, I found myself on the receiving end of two inexplicable acts of kindness. These demonstrations of altruism instill hope and faith as we embark yet again on a fertility journey of uncertainty.

As we were in the midst of planning our journey,  two women reached out to offer us the opportunity to adopt their unused embryos. What makes these gestures remarkable is that they come from women who are not family, but rather acquaintances.  They asked for nothing in return, but rather selflessly afforded us the opportunity to make our journey less stressful. Their empathy and generosity is remarkable and inspirational.

One woman, is a complete stranger. We met through a mutual friend, and formed a bond through our infertility struggles. Over the past eleven months, on two separate occasions, she has reached out to offer kind words of support, but also an embryo that can be used in our effort to get pregnant. Her kindness and generosity are inspirational. She leaves me speechless.

Last week, a dorm mate from Smith College, extended the same offer. I have not talked or seen this woman in over twenty years. During the course of our conversation, she continued to encourage and inspire me through her kind words and prayers. This woman shows me that the bonds of sisterhood run deep, and that my years at Smith College afforded me not only an invaluable education, but the blessing of knowing remarkable and selfless women.

With each offer I have shed tears of joy. These selfless acts, inspire and help give me the strength to move forward with our #infertility journey.

I love you both!!!