Baby Blues

Mother’s Day Blues


With Mother’s Day approaching, I find myself once again filled with mixed emotions. Mother’s Day is meant to celebrate the beautiful mother figures in our lives. A mother come in all shapes and forms. As I reflect, I realize that I am the beneficiary of many “mother” figures in my life. These women shower me with love and guidance; and never hesitate to help when a situation warrants their assistance.

Sadly, Mother’s Day is a harsh reminder that no one calls me mom, and no one looks to to me for guidance, support, or unconditional love. Each year is more difficultu because It serves as a reminder despite our best efforts we remain childless. Every time someone wishes me “Happy Mother’s Day,” I go numb. I begin to wonder if I will ever experience the joys of motherhood.

It would be easy for me to lock myself away on Mother’s Day, but I know that it does not change my situation. Once the day is over I am still childless, and still feel an incredible void in my heart and life.

My saving grace on Mother’s Day is my amazing mother, who loves, supports, and teaches me by example how to show kindness and generosity to others. I am blessed to call her mom and want to shower her with love and appreciation on this day.

This Mother’s Day I salute and pay tribute to all the beautiful women who have come into my life, and been mothers to me in some shape or form. These amazing women shatter the image that a mother is someone who gives birth to a child. Instead, I am reminded that just because I do not have my own child, does not mean that I am not a mother. A mother is someone who shows compassion, concern and unconditional love, and I hope that in some way I have been able to share these qualities with others in my life.

Cherish the “mothers” in your life this Mother’s Day.