Baby Blues

Take a Chance 


In light of my last post, I want to support others navigating the infertility labyrinth.  I want to encourage couples to explore new avenues and options for assisted reproductive technology.

When we started the process of egg donor IVF last year, we truly believed that our only options we here in the United States. Months of research, online support groups, and Skype consultations lead to a world of possibilities. We were no longer confined to our home state because there are remarkable clinics around the world.

IVF is a stressful process for couples. The emotions and physical toll is at times indescribable. For many couples these emotions are heightended by the financial stress of paying for the procedure if they are not fortunate enough to have insurance coverage. I have read countless posts by women going through the process, stressing about the costs. It should not be cost prohibitive to to conceive a child.

We chose a cheaper option by going to the Czech Republic, and even though our treatment was unsuccessful, we have no regrets. We knew there were no guarantees, but decided to take a leap across the Atlantic Ocean in the hopes of conceiving. Our adventure opened our eyes to the world of possibilities for conception.

I know that for many travelling outside the country for fertility treatment is not possible for a myriad of reasons. I hope that the next few blog posts will guide couples with open minds and  flexibility to explore clinics around the world.