Baby Blues

A Few Minutes of Pain For the Hope of a Miracle


December 20, 2016
We arrrived bright and early to Sanus IVF for the transfer of two embryos. I had the worst night of sleep because of the anxiety as to the day and weeks ahead. I was confident in our doctor, but there was still so much unknown. I was nervous because even though I went through two embryo transfers in New Jersey,  I was unsure how the procedure is performed in the Czech Republic.
After approximately one hour of waiting, I was rolled down to an operating room that looks very similar to the ones in the United States. As I was being wheeled down the hallways, all I heard being spoken was Czech. No familiar words, just the faces of two pleasant women. Once I arrived in the room, I was greeted in English by my doctor and two staff members. 

The next few minutes were uncomfortable and tense. You need to have a full bladder for the transfer, which makes the process and pressure being placed on one’s uterus that much more uncomfortable. 

The doctor started by inserting a speculum to allow for easier insertion of the catheter and then the embryos.  Once the  procedure began I felt pain, as he maneuvered to reach the exact spot for implantation. I tried to focus on the ceiling tiles and breathe deeply. In previous transfers, there was a nurse to provide comfort, this time there were no comforting words spoken. Instead I had to self-soothe.

The Embryos in Green Were Transferred Today

In a matter of minutes the transfer was done and Dr.Silhan showed me through an ultrasound where the embryos were placed in my uterus.

I was immediately taken back to my room where Jeff was waiting. I layed in bed with my legs propped up and awaited our next set of instructions. Within an hour we were ready to leave. 

As we headed to Prague I began to tear up because I know that the next two weeks will be torture. My normal activities will be limited and with every pain and cramp I will wonder if it worked.