Baby Blues

Try To Remain Calm


December 19, 2016

After six months of research and planning, and a journey of over 4,000 miles (by planes,trains and automobiles), we finally complete the last phase of the IVF/Egg donor process on Tuesday December 20th.  We are both nervous because this is not our first trip around the IVF Merry-Go-Round. Sadly, all three prior times did not result in pregnancy. We try to support each other and stay strong, but secretly we are both petrified. 

For the last four days we have waited anxiously for the daily updates from Dr. Silhan on the development of the embryos. We kept ourselves busy by exploring different cities (Prague, Kutna Hora, Omolouc and Pardubice), but found ourselves frantic to find free wifi to check for the daily updates. Thankfully each afternoon we received the following updates from Dr. Silhan:

December 15th (post collection of the oocyctes from the donor): the Embryologist performed ICSI on fourteen MII donor oocytes.

Day One: (December 16th) eleven fertilized oocytes.

Day Two: (December 17th) eight embryos continue in cultivation. Three embryos were excluded from cultivation because of poor quality. 

Day Three: (December 18th)

Day Four: (December 19th)

The five day waiting period is a necessary component for embryo development in IVF. For anyone unfamiliar with the IVF process the following link provides a great explanation of the period of fertilization of the oocytes.

For both of us this has been a period of high anxiety. Tomorrow brings the hope of a pregnancy, and the chance that our lives may change. We are hopeful, but cautious. The support of our family and friends is a source of comfort in this time of uncertainty.

Please keep us in your prayers.


Burke & Jeff