Baby Blues

We Finally Arrived


December 13, 2016

After a long day, which encompassed a one hour shuttle ride to Charles de Gaulle airport, a one hour fifteen minute plane ride from Paris to Prague (the check in and security process took longer than the flight), and one and a half hour drive from Prague, we arrived in Hradec Kralove (74 miles from Prague), and went directly to the Sanus Medical Center ( We were warmly greeted by Dr. Vaclav Silhan and his English speaking nurse Petra. Since early September our modes of communication have been limited by geography to email and FaceTime. We were both happy to finally meet the man that will G-d willing help us get pregnant.

Neither of us knew what the facility looked like. We were pleasantly surprised by its modernity. Sanus is a facility that serves many medical needs including gynecology and infertility. During the course of our consultation, Dr. Silhan reiterated the standards that Czech Clinics must adhere to under law:

“Czech national legislation states that all fertility clinics require a valid license granted by SKUL (translated to the State Institute for Drug Control) in order to function. What’s more, SKUL has a duty to inspect the IVF clinics at least every two years. This license applies to all aspects of the clinics’ functioning, for instance organisation and management, written procedures and documentation, equipment, storage system of reproductive cells and many more.”

He quelled our fears, and after gathering the necessary information performed a routine exam. We then discussed the medical plan moving forward which includes collection of our donor’s eggs and Jeff’s sperm on Thursday December 15th, and transfer of two viable embryos on December 20th. In addition, I will increase the necessary hormones to ensure that my lining is ready for the embryo transfer. 

In the course of our conversation, we shared the concern of many family and friends that we will never have the chance to meet the donor. Dr. Silhan provided two justifications for the privacy afforded to donors in Europe. The first is that in many countries, the lack of anonymity for donors deters many women from participating in the process, thereby creating a shortage of viable candidates. The second reason, is more emotional. It is his belief that a short meeting between the donor and couple will not be enough time to get to know her personality and relevant family history. He assured us that he and his staff spent time vetting our donor. His nurse was confident, after seeing me in person, that our physical characteristics are very similar. 

Tomorrow we will put our faith in science and G-D to create viable embryos that will hopefully lead to pregnancy.