Baby Blues

Wheels Up…


Tonight we begin our trip overseas. Months of research, planning, and struggles will hopefully lead to the new and exciting journey of parenthood.

The last few weeks have been both challenging and stressful. The hormones make me sleepy, nauseous, hot, and uncomfortable. In addition, nerves and stress have heightened as we planned for our trip.

Anxiety stems from the unknown. We  have never seen the facility in Hradec Kralove, and do not know what what the donor looks like. The only certainties are: that we have a donor preparing for process, and a date for the embryo transfer on December 20th.

Now is the time to stop thinking and questioning. We need to have faith in the process, be positive, and continue to support each other.

A little pre-vacation is just what the doctor ordered. 😍 Tonight we travel to London followed by  Paris to de-stress before the procedure.

There are not enough words of gratitude to express our appreciation to everyone who has reached out with kind and supportive words. Your continued prayers are greatly appreciated 😀


Burke & Jeff

Bryna Caren Bat Naomi

Zev Ben Chuvele-Krindle