Posted by: Babyblues | December 4, 2016

A Human Obstacle in Our Path


We spent six long months navigating the egg donor process. We finally picked the clinic and were ready to move forward, but found ourselves up against a challenge that threatened our future. Namely, the unwillingness of a medical provider to stay true to her word.

In order to be able to use an overseas clinic for egg donation more efficiently, important medical steps need to be completed here at home. First, we both needed to undergo routine medical tests to ensure that we are free from disease, and healthy enough to participate in the process. This required both tests of our reproductive systems, and blood work to rule out any issues or problems. Thankfully, we each got the green light from both our  primary care doctors here, and our gynecologist Dr. Silhan in the Czech Republic.

The next step was to find a gynecologist here in the United States willing to work with Dr. Silhan in the Czech Republic to prescribe the required hormones to prepare my body for the embryo transfer. Despite the fact that these hormones are regularly used in fertility clinics in the United States, Dr. Silhan cautioned that in some instances, American doctors have been unwilling or apprehensive to prescribe the required medication. Their apprehension often stems from an unfamiliarity with the European names and dosages for fertility medications.

We were hopeful that my gynecologist, who knew we are pursuing the egg donor route, would work with our gynecologist in the Czech Republic. I asked Jeff to reach out to her nurse to gauge the doctor’s willingness to prescribe the necessary medication protocol. Initially, the doctor was willing to help, and requested the medication protocol prescribed by the Czech physician. Days later, the doctor changed her mind. She was no longer comfortable or willing to prescribe the medications, and gave no credible reason for her change of heart.

When I heard this news, I was overwhelmed with sadness and despair. In the midst of doing housework, I collapsed into a ball of tears. I saw her lack of cooperation as an impediment that we could not overcome. I was ready to give up. Meanwhile Jeff was determined to find another option. In his quest to find a solution, he reached out to a woman who serves as an American contact for the clinic in the Czech Republic. She suggested using a pharmacy in the United Kingdom, to purchase the required medications.

We quickly reached out to Dr. Silhan, who in the midst of his vacation, prescribed the necessary medications, thereby putting us back on track. We turned what could have been a deterrent, the unexpected and unprofessional behavior of another, into a chance to use our creativity and determination to push forward to our goal.

Two weeks later, with medication in hand, I began the hormone treatment, and the doctor began to prepare the donor for a December egg retrieval date.

Our inner peace was once again restored, and now it was time to plan for our journey to the Czech Republic.




  1. Amazing! So glad it worked out, but how were you able to get the meds from the U.K. Doctor? Is he/she now your primary doc? Do they use different fertility meds is Europe? So many questions, sorry!

    • The doctor in the Czech Republic was able to prescribe the hormones through a U.K. Pharmacy that ships to the US. The medications are the same, they just go by different names. I am looking for a new gynecologist here to take over and handle the pregnancy test and monitoring two weeks after the transfer in New Jersey.

  2. Dearest Burke,

    You both are amazingly strong and determined to make this happen….I know in my heart that it will. To some, nothing is easy but strength and the ability to believe that it will be in the end, is a trait that will have its rewards….I know first hand. Many tears and lots of various hurdles, tests, procedures, negotiations with the medical fraternity, negative results and a near death experience gave way to the ultimate prize. I know this will be your reward too. Please stay positive no matter how the going gets tough. Much love, Eva xx

    • Thank you for your encouragement and support. Love to you and the family

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