Baby Blues

I Am Thankful For Him


The Western Wall in Jerusalem

My blog is incomplete without an entry about my best friend, and husband Jeff. In the course of writing this blog, I realize that I have not chronicaled  his tireless efforts in our journey to find an egg donor. Without him pushing and challenging me, I might have given up or settled for the first place. Jeff keeps me on my toes, he challenges me and makes me a better person.

Since early spring, Jeff has worked hard to get answers for our questions and concerns. He has spent hour after hour calling: fertility clinics, egg banks, religious organizations, support groups and former patients. His passion and dedication are something to be admired, and I grateful for his efforts.

Early in the process, when I was not comfortable about using a donor egg he stepped up. Through his perseverance he found someone who grappled with the egg donor process, but ultimately found success, and was willing to share her story. Initially, I was upset because I felt like he was pushing too hard. After one hour phone call with this generous soul, I understood that no matter whose egg it is, it will be my child. More importantly, I realized that I am blessed with a husband that goes above and beyond to help ease my insecurities. 

His passion and dedication lead me to believe that together we can tackle the difficult road ahead. It gives me courage to seriously listen to and consider all options presented. I know that with Jeff’s support, no matter what happens we will bounce back. We have endured many ups and downs, but in the end we are stronger because we tackle these challenges together. We may not see eye to eye all the time, but we always manage to find common ground. 

Jeff is an amazing human being. He is generous and giving. He never hesistates to help someone in need. He shows me what love is everyday through his actions and thoughts. 

Finally, I do not want my blog entries to appears as though he is hindering our progress. His passion and determination demand that he leave no stone unturned. He wants every question answered, and will not stop until he is satisfied. Even when I was ready to make a decision, I realized that it was time to step back and let him find the answers to those things that were not sitting right in his mind. That is Jeff and I would not change him. 

Today I am thankful for my husband and best friend Jeff😍